Making All the Difference

Deepak is one of nine children in his family, so at age 20 he moved to Chennai to continue his studies and work in a bakery to help support his family. One night while riding his bike home after work, he was hit by a small truck and seriously injured.

His father brought Deepak home and took him to several hospitals, but all they were told was that he had a spinal cord injury and would remain paralyzed for life.

Then Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital community health staff heard about Deepak’s situation and went to see him. The staff taught his family how to care for him and helped Deepak build strength to sit up. They explained that he was qualified to apply for disability benefits from the government and could receive things like an adult tricycle and a disability pension. They encouraged Deepak that there was still much he could do with his life.

With the help of JJCH staff, Deepak applied for a disability certificate and is receiving benefits. He is now filled with hope that he can still pursue training in computer work and help support his family. The community health staff made all the difference in Deepak’s life.