Urgent Needs

EHA’s 20 hospitals and 40+ community projects are incredibly faithful to make do with what they have and stretch every rupee. Often, they work in substandard facilities with outdated or nonexistent equipment, which makes their jobs so much harder.

To help EHA purchase needed equipment, you can support them with an online gift, TEXT-TO-GIVE at 847-750-4433, or mail in a check. Click the button below for more information.


You Can Make a Difference!

See how much has been raised in the last 3 months!


Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital (HBMH) Orthopedic Drill and Saw: $3,030 donated of $4,700 needed

HBMH Ventilator: $11,300 donated of $14,000 needed

Sewa Bhawan Hospital Ultrasound Machine: $9,320 donated of $44,000 needed

Shalom Delhi Infrastructure Improvements and Additional Staff: $2,000 donated of $13,500 needed

Additional Needs:
HBMH Infusion Pumps: $470 each
HBMH Syringe Pumps: $785 each
HBMH Operating Room Lights: $2,350
HBMH Obstetric Vacuum Kit: $2,350
HBMH Patient Monitors: $3,900 each
HBMH Surgical Instruments: $6,300

Shalom Delhi Project in Need of Required Infrastructure Improvements and Additional Staff

Many hospitals in Delhi want nothing to do with HIV/AIDS patients. The doctors literally won’t touch them, and often post signs saying, “Universal Precaution – HIV” by their hospital beds.

EHA’s Shalom Delhi Project is different. They welcome those infected with HIV/AIDS, patients with tuberculosis, those with terminal cancer, drug users, commercial sex workers, and transgenders. They treat each patient with dignity and love.

But they are struggling under the new rules and regulations imposed by the Indian government. They have to register under the Delhi Nursing Act, which has 40 different requirements they need to meet, including infrastructure improvements and additional staff. Somehow they have to begin paying the salary of a resident physician (who will stay overnight) and a pharmacist. They estimate the facility restructuring alone will cost $13,500.

If you feel led to help Shalom Delhi meet these requirements and continue to help this very downtrodden people group, please click the button below for donation information.


Sewa Bhawan Hospital in Need of Ultrasound Machine

For a number of years, Sewa Bhawan Hospital has been badly in need of more doctors, and they were recently blessed with the addition of a new radiologist, an OB/GYN, a surgeon and a medical officer. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the havoc it has wreaked in India, the general medical and surgical case load is rising at Sewa Bhawan. The staff is working very hard, but they have limited resources and equipment.

Their new radiologist is in desperate need of diagnostic equipment. You can see on the left how dilapidated their old ultrasound machine is. Recently they have had many cases that they simply couldn’t treat because they weren’t able to get the internal imaging they needed.

After checking with various experts, they have chosen the best ultrasound machine to purchase for the broadest medical uses. The initial price they were quoted was $65,ooo. After speaking with the manufacturer about their status of offering rural, charitable healthcare, the price was lowered to $44,000, and it includes an additional two-year warranty!

Won’t you help Sewa Bhawan to purchase this key equipment?


Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital Needs Refurbishing and Orthopedic Surgical Equipment

In recent years, Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital has gone through a rough season and many feared closure was imminent. Down to a threadbare staff and a single doctor, the hospital’s bed occupancy fell to less than three percent. The once well-equipped ophthalmology department with its own operating room and recovery wards stood empty. Deliveries and pediatric care had come to a standstill due to a lack of specialists required by the government. But the local public still had faith in Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital. They knew this was no ordinary hospital, but one that cared for its patients with the love of God, and their trust was not broken.

At the end of 2019, HBMH received a shot in the arm with Dr. Rachel Kumar coming to take over the obstetrics department, and early in 2020 the arrival of husband-and-wife team Dr. Thomas Kurien Bhanu, orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Madhurita Singh, anesthetist specializing in critical care, strengthened the hospital’s services. With the arrival of an intensive care specialist, the High Dependency Unit (similar to an ER) awaits a new beginning, needing updated equipment and additional trained staff.

The staff of HBMH are excited for the possibilities and are praying for new equipment and more staff to bring the hospital back to full functioning. They need monitors ($3,900 each), ventilators ($14,ooo each), surgical instruments ($6,300), an orthopedic drill and saw ($4,700), and other orthopedic surgical equipment. If you feel led to donate to any of these needs, please click the button below and choose HBMH in the drop-down list on the donation page.