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Teenage Girls at Youth Group

Preventing Human Trafficking

Landour Community Hospital perches on a hillside at the foothills of the Himalayas (it’s the building with the green roof).  It was opened in 1938 to help the poor in nearby mountainside communities. Today, their community project team is still travelling into the hills to work with these backward, neglected people. Last March, they began…

New Hands and Feet

In the US, artificial limbs are extremely expensive. In north India, most patients have absolutely no way of obtaining such a luxury. At Herbertpur Christian Hospital, they have made a way around this by making their own artificial limbs and braces. A team of people, including an orthopedic therapist and a craftsman, start by making…

Grace in Action

Over 20 years ago, the community project director at Herbertpur Christian Hospital had a son born with cerebral palsy. The baby had a seizure the following day, and the director was told his son might not survive. While agonizing in the middle of the night, he saw a sign that said, “God’s grace is sufficient…

A Study in Contrasts

Most of EHA’s hospitals were started in the early to mid 1900s by UK and US mission and church organizations. Since funding is always tight, capital improvements have occurred sporadically. Mostly, they just make do with what they have. But eventually, they have to upgrade or demolish and rebuild entire buildings. Currently, Harriet Benson Memorial…

Sewing Skills Bring Self Sufficiency

One of the groups hit the hardest by HIV/AIDS is the widows. Rejected by their families because of the disease, these women who have little education and no job skills are thrown into the position of needing to support their families. As a solution to this, EHA’s Shalom Delhi project started a new program called…

HIV/AIDS Care in the Heart of Delhi

Believe it or not, this photo is of the largest garbage dump in Delhi. It is massive. If you look closely, you can see people at the top (and numerous vultures). These are families who sort through the fresh garbage for anything useful they can sell. This is called rag picking, and it is how…

Operating with No Instruments

Tucked into the town of Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh, Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital (HBMH) is a mixture of the old and the new. Many of the buildings and equipment date back to 1934 when hospital services began, and it shows. Other facilities like the white and yellow staff housing building below were built in the…

You’ve Never Seen Passing Until You’ve Driven in India

The next day we were driven three hours to Lalitpur, also in arid central India. The number of cows, buffalo, dogs, motorcycles (with up to 4 people on them, including toddlers!), auto rickshaws (sort of like taxis the size of smart cars), and people on the road was amazing. No one stays in their lane.…

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