Lakhnadon Christian Hospital

Diabetic Receives Free Care

When 30-year-old diabetic Gulab Prasad was brought in to EHA’s Lakhnadon Christian Hospital, he was dehydrated, acidotic (having very abnormal blood gas levels), and suffering from failing to take his insulin. Thankfully, he did not have an infection, so the staff initiated ketoacidosis treatment, and he responded well.

When it was time for him to go home, his wife pushed a couple of hundred rupee notes ($2-3) toward the doctor in an attempt to pay their bill. They had no other money. The breadwinner of the family battled diabetes and the cost for his care ate up much of what he earned. In order to pay their bill at most hospitals, they would have been forced to sell land or possessions or to take out a very high-interest loan that they would never have been able to pay back. But at EHA hospitals, destitute patients often have their fees reduced or eliminated because of funds set aside for just such a purpose. Often these funds are given by generous friends in the United States. If you would like to give to the Needy Patient Fund, visit our website.

Lakhnadon Christian Hospital is a 33-bed facility in Madhya Pradesh in Central India. Apart from the hospital’s medical work, Lakhnadon has a robust community health component which works in the areas of development, vocational training, palliative care, and disability. There is also a spectrum of pastoral care organizations and churches that the Lakhnadon staff work with as they reach out to the community. The hospital is manned by a physician, a community health doctor, and a junior doctor, and has an acute care facility that was developed over the past year.

Healthy Preemie Boy Is Saved

She was six months pregnant and leaking amniotic fluid. Sanibai was rushed into Lakhnadon’s outpatient department, desperate for help. The staff found that the baby’s heartbeat was strong, and they determined to treat Sanibai conservatively and wait to see what developed.

However, Sanibai’s husband was very concerned about his wife’s health and kept insisting that hospital staff abort the baby. They already had three children and he wanted to ensure that nothing happened to Sanibai. The doctors treated her with antibiotics and hoped that the leak would seal off. They counseled the couple to keep the baby and shared about God with them.

Eventually, the doctors told the couple that they would operate to deliver the 3.3-pound baby and perform a tubectomy for no charge if they would agree to stay at the hospital and nurse the baby until he no longer needed hospital care. They agreed. This couple made only $150 each year from farming and supplemented this income by working as migrant workers for about $2 a day. Since they had no money to pay for an operation, the Lakhnadon staff offered to treat them for free in order to save the baby’s life.

When the baby boy was delivered, he was active and crying. The relatives were excited to see him and were willing to take the baby to the government hospital in Seoni where he could be cared for in an incubator, so hospital staff arranged for the necessary transportation. When the smiling couple returned a week later for a follow-up visit with their healthy baby, the staff knew they had done the right thing. They are thrilled to be able to offer grace in hospital fees when they have funding set aside for needy patients.

Black Cobra Victim Recovers

The young man dropped unconscious after coming in to Lakhnadon Christian Hospital for poisonous snake bite treatment. The black cobra had bitten his ankle and the situation was dire.

Hospital staff jumped into action, immediately injecting him with anti-snake venom. However, they had to tell his family that his condition likely would be fatal. Knowing it was out of their hands, the staff began to pray. They shared about God with the family and continued to pray for the young man’s healing.

Amazingly, the young man responded to treatment and made a full recovery. Now he attends Sunday church services and shares his testimony with his friends. His brush with physical death has brought him spiritual life!

Healing Through Prayer

He was just a typical boy with dreams and aspirations. Then, one day, everything changed. Aditya was in a motorbike accident and suffered brain damage. He was left in a near coma as he was brought to Lakhnadon Christian Hospital for rehabilitation. Medically speaking, his chances for improvement were bleak. But the doctors and nurses decided to do what was best for him. A subset of the staff decided to pray with the patient and his family. They also shared about God with his siblings.

Much to their amazement, Aditya began showing signs of improvement. He regained consciousness and was able to sit in a wheelchair and feed himself with a spoon. His family is now quite supportive of him and receptive toward God. Your support of EHA allowed LCH to write off a substantial portion of this financially needy patient’s bill.

Check Dam Transforms Village

The lack of water created myriad problems in a small village near Lakhnadon Christian Hospital. Crops suffered, women traveled a long way to fetch water, people migrated elsewhere for food and work, and fathers in other communities refused to give their daughters in marriage to men of the village. Then the Spandana CHD Project stepped in to help the people of Kapadhgarh.

There was a river that used to flow between the mountains near this village, but it dried up during the summer. With the Spandana team, the villagers decided to make a check dam that would stop the water during the rainy season so it would be available during the dry season. Now many different kinds of crops are able to be irrigated, and safer drinking water is available. In addition, generous gifts like yours enabled the Spandana Project to purchase a tractor for the village, enabling them to greatly increase their yield. Providing practical help to these villagers enables the Spandana team to have an opportunity to share about God and make an eternal impact on these people.

About Lakhnadon Christian Hospital

Missionaries from Scotland began a small clinic in Lakhnadon and started going to the remote villages in the area to provide medical services. There were 389 surrounding villages where daily needs went unmet and medical care was barely available. Later this small clinic was then converted into a hospital where many patients came to the doctors with hope and trust. In 1974 Lakhnadon Christian Hospital became a part of EHA’s network. They now provide medical, obstetric, surgical, dental, and eye care.

LCH is the major health provider in the district of Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, offering excellent, ethical, and holistic care to all, even to the poorest of the poor. The staff strive to speak of and demonstrate the love of God through all their dealings, to reach out to the communities through health and development programs, and to build one another up professionally and spiritually.

The Spandana Community Health and Development Project associated with LCH is working in 200 different villages and has three components. The first is the Reproductive and Child Health Program, designed to improve the situation of mothers and infants. Both poverty and false beliefs in myths about pregnancy result in widespread anemia and malnutrition among mothers and infants. The Spandana project has set up Village Health Committees in many villages that help to educate the people. Spandana also has an HIV/AIDS education component. Due to the geography of having several major highways running through the area, many truck drivers spread the disease through having unprotected sex with commercial sex workers. Also, men of the area have migrated to the cities to find work and have contracted the disease there. Awareness about HIV/AIDS has been spread among the people in the villages and also among truck drivers. The third component of Spandana is the Watershed and Agricultural Project, which was begun to help deal with low rainfall and the falling ground water table. They construct check-dams and install water tanks to help over thousands of farmers get water for irrigation for their crops. This results in improved agriculture which reduces poverty and improves the food security of the people. Farmers are less likely to have to migrate to cities and can stay home and grow successful crops.

Through all these measures, Lakhnadon Christian Hospital and the Spandana Community Health and Development Project seek to meet the needs of the people around them in order to reach out with the love of God.