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Educational Opportunities

EHA offers a wide range of hands on educational opportunities for students in programs from the undergraduate to the post-doctoral level.  An experience with EHA is suitable for those preparing for careers in medicine, including pre-med students, those in medical school, and students studying nursing, public/community health, and economic development. There is no structured program for these exposure opportunities. Students are placed in a wide variety of settings depending upon the focus of their interest. Interested students should begin the process by emailing Robb Hansen, the executive director of EHA USA at rhansen@ehausa.org.

Students at all levels of study are encouraged to apply. Depending upon the area of interest, an internship experience will be created to meet individual needs. The minimum stay in India is three weeks and the maximum duration is equal to a semester. The particulars of the placement affect costs, but shorter experiences are in the range of $1500 USD, while longer placements cost $3000 to $5000 USD.

Each year only a limited number of placements are available. Early application aids in acceptance, as does the type of experience in which the student is interested. Some programs can accommodate more visiting participants, some less.

Contact us for more information at 847.345.8355 or at info@ehausa.org.

Contact us for more information at 847.345.8355 or at info@ehausa.org.