Update on Jiwan Jyoti Hospital

EHA’s Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital began in the 1930s as a health clinic run by missionary nurses. In 1953, a nurse from the UK added a dispensary with a single room containing 5 beds, and there she delivered many babies as a midwife. In 1960, the first doctor joined the clinic. Today they have 75 beds, 9 doctors, and 56 nurses.

Located in the far southeast corner of Uttar Pradesh, they are close enough to get patients from four other states: Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. In the course of a year, their outpatient department serves 70,000 patients, and approximately 4,000 are admitted to the inpatient department. Their OB/GYN department is kept busy delivering over 500 babies each year.

Most of the hospital buildings are quite old, leaky, and in need of renovation or replacement. When it rains heavily, their buildings flood. Their equipment is also outdated, making diagnosis and medical care more difficult. They hope to build a new outpatient department and more staff housing, and purchase ophthalmology and endoscopy equipment.

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