Update on Kachhwa Christian Hospital

EHA’s Kachhwa Christian Hospital began in 1894 as a tent dispensary and was developed into a hospital in 1897. Just two years later, the staff were treating 16,400 outpatients and 150 inpatients yearly, as well as performing 270 surgeries.

Today the hospital has grown to offer a variety of services, including pediatrics, ophthalmology, oncology, facial surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy, and many types of lab work. In the course of a year, their outpatient department now serves 25,500 patients, and approximately 3,700 are admitted to the inpatient department. Their surgical department is kept busy performing over 500 surgeries each year.

In the last few years, Kachhwa has not had a high enough patient footfall to keep up with bills and salaries, and they have fallen somewhat behind. If you would like to contribute to help Kachhwa meet these needs, click on the donate button.