Restored and Reconciled

Rahul had traveled many places for cancer treatment and ended up in the large city of Mumbai. When the doctors there could not help, they sent him home. He had no more money and no hope. Then Rahul was referred to Prem Sewa Hospital for palliative care, but he and his family did not trust the team. Over and over, the staff went to his home, and eventually the family allowed them to examine Rahul and teach them how to care for him.

After getting to know the family well, the palliative care team also counseled Rahul and his daughter-in-law to heal their broken relationship before he died. There was a significant rift and they were not speaking to one another, but the PC team stressed the need for taking care of one’s parents. Rahul and his daughter-in-law resolved their differences and were reconciled before he died. In the end, the family was very thankful for the help of the palliative care team, and they still trust Prem Sewa staff and feel comfortable going in to the hospital if they have a health concern.