Displaced by Ethnic Violence







One important news story coming out of India in 2023 is the ethnic violence between two people groups in Manipur. EHA has been involved since the beginning and has a plan in place to continue providing medical and other care for at least six more months, devoting money and staff time to this enormous effort.

In May, ethnic violence erupted in Manipur in northeast India, causing a serious humanitarian crisis. Over 6,000 people were injured, hundreds killed, and 70,000 displaced from their homes.

In ensuing months, EHA’s disaster team, along with Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital staff, distributed 14,000 pounds of rice, 2,300 pounds of lentils, 3,900 pounds of potatoes, and much more. At least 11,800 people received food, and 10,500 also received health and hygiene kits. Through 20 mobile medical camps, over 2,000 people received treatment.

As of November, the situation in Manipur remains tense, and 56,000 people are still in over 360 relief camps. There is an immense need for food, clean water, medical care, medicine, shelter, sanitation, and psychosocial care.

EHA has a six-month plan to work with the government and other agencies to provide medical care and psychosocial support in several larger camps. They are sending teams of doctors for two-week stints to provide healthcare, watch for the spread of disease, train community health workers, and counsel those who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods.

This long-term commitment demonstrates EHA’s priority to care for those most in need.

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