Perseverance Pays Off

The Lakhnadon staff jumped into action when Vinay was brought into the emergency department with severe chest pain. As a smaller hospital, Lakhnadon does not have advanced treatment capacity, but they had no choice but to help this man who was suffering a major heart attack. When Vinay became unresponsive, they began CPR immediately and continued for 20 minutes, but there was no sign of life from the still figure. They kept going for another 20 minutes; still nothing. Feeling little hope, the doctors told the patient’s son that they probably would not be able to revive his father. The family began to wail. But then Vinay gasped, and the team was motivated to continue CPR with renewed vigor.

After a total of 80 minutes of CPR, Vinay’s heart began beating on its own. No one had ever seen a recovery like that at any hospital they had worked at. The man had been virtually dead for almost an hour and a half, and then he sat up and began talking. The staff was speechless. Vinay was referred to a more advanced hospital, and when the Lakhnadon staff checked on him later, he was doing well after the blockage in his coronary arteries had been fixed. God had worked through the faithfulness of the Lakhnadon staff and brought Vinay back from the jaws of death. Their perseverance had paid off in a big way.