Learning Disability Aids Change a Life

Seven-year-old Satya’s parents brought her to Lakhnadon Christian Hospital with a fever and symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection. As she was being examined by one of the doctors, the nearby psychiatrist noticed some behavioral issues. However, Satya’s parents denied any history of problems and only wanted treatment for the fever.

Five days later, Satya returned for a follow-up visit and her fever was gone, but the psychiatrist again noticed some issues. This time, the father admitted that their pediatrician had asked them to have Satya take an IQ test. The truth was that Satya was struggling with her second-grade work, having trouble writing two- to three-letter words and doing single-digit addition and subtraction. As a result Satya was being bullied at school, and she was responding with outbursts of anger and occasional violent behavior. The girl was miserable.

Over the next two months, Satya had several sessions with the psychiatrist to learn techniques and aids to help her overcome her learning disability. Now she can write five- to six-letter words and do three-digit calculations. Satya is catching up in her studies, and her behavior at school is improving. She is proud to have made several new friends.

The Lakhnadon staff are so thankful that God put Satya in the right place at the right time so she could get the help she needed. The biggest compliment came from Satya as she was talking to her psychiatrist at the end of a session. She said, “When you talk to me, the whole world seems so much better and easier to understand.”