Emergency Response Team Aids 11,800 Victims

Ethnic violence in the Indian state of Manipur continues, and approximately 70,000 people are still taking shelter in 253 camps. EHA’s Emergency Response Team has been on site, providing medical care, shelter, food, and hygiene kits.

Since the strife began, over 2,000 people have received treatment and medicines at EHA’s 20-plus mobile medical clinics. The Disaster Team is also training local leaders in relief management and teaching local nurses how to perform health surveillance.

In addition, the Disaster Team has distributed 14,000 pounds of rice, 2,300 pounds of lentils, 3,900 pounds of potatoes, and much more. At least 11,800 people have benefited from this food, and 10,500 have also received health and hygiene kits. EHA hopes to help an additional 6,000 people in the coming month, which will cost $146,000.

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