Eradicating Domestic Violence

Part of EHA’s community work is to form Civil Society Organizations (CSO) made up of community leaders and self-help group leaders. EHA community staff then train the members of the CSO in how to monitor and improve community interactions.

After going through Champa Christian Hospital’s training, the members of one CSO became aware of a man in a village who was known for repeatedly biting his daughter-in-law. He had even tried to force her to divorce his son. When the members of the CSO confronted this man about his abysmal behavior, he saw the error of his ways and promised not to harm her anymore.

Once this case was dealt with, other families in the area began to recognize domestic violence and realize that it was wrong. It may be hard for us to understand, but sometimes it just takes input from an outside organization like EHA to bring about significant transformation in the lives of villagers.