Landour Community Hospital Touches Lives

A retired colonel experienced a brain hemorrhage that left him in a coma. He was sent home from the hospital for supportive care. His son, a captain in the air force, lives near Landour Community Hospital (LCH) and was very apprehensive about looking after his father at home. He decided that the best option was to bring his father to LCH.

Over the next three weeks, Landour’s nurses did everything for their patient. They spoke to him, attended to his medical needs, prayed for him, and supported his family. The patient’s wife was able to simply sit with him, knowing he was being cared for with love and excellence. When the colonel eventually succumbed to cardiac failure, his wife and son were grief-stricken but overwhelmed with gratitude for the treatment he had received. They communicated that they had never known this kind of care at other, larger hospitals. The staff at LCH were thankful to touch this family’s lives in ways they hadn’t even realized they were impacting others.