Update on Landour Community Hospital

Perched on a mountainside 7,000 feet above sea level in the very tip of North India, Landour Community Hospital (LCH) has been in existence since 1938—that’s 85 years! The city of Mussoorie where LCH is located is a tourist hot spot because of its natural beauty and its cooler temperatures due to the higher elevation. Driveways and roads are quite narrow, making for challenging driving conditions.


On the left you can see the mountainside. LCH is the long building with the green roof. With just 35 beds, it’s not a large hospital, but it boasts a long list of medical specialties. In the last year they have cared for over 22,000 outpatients and 898 inpatients. They see about 230 emergency patients a month.

Their biggest staff need is for an OB/GYN so they can begin delivering babies again. Their greatest infrastructure needs are for improved staff housing, a wider access path, and a new training center.

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