Complicated Surgery Saves Two Lives

After a busy day in the outpatient department, Dr. Roopa was ready to go home. The next thing she knew, she heard the strident voice of a young pregnant woman begging to be seen by a doctor. The patient explained to Dr. Roopa that she had been turned away from the state hospital after being taken into the operating room for surgery. The doctor there had found a tumor and decided it was too risky to operate. This woman had no place to go, her blood pressure was high, and the fetal heartbeat was fluctuating. Dr. Roopa felt she had no choice but to operate.

After explaining the risks of surgery to the patient, Dr. Roopa decided to take a leap of faith and operate on the young woman. As she explored the abdomen, she found an 11-pound tumor in the way of the baby. The process was tricky, but Dr. Roopa was able to remove the tumor and then deliver the baby. Although the infant was weak for two days, he soon stabilized. Both mother and child went home well soon after. This miraculous surgery amazed the staff, and every time the mother and baby come in for follow-up, the staff are encouraged at God’s goodness.