Urgent Needs: You can make a difference for EHA today

by Robb Hansen, EHA USA Executive Director

My heart has been moved recently on the array of needs our colleagues in India have. Each month we as a staff team focus on one location and chat with the leadership team at a hospital. One of the recurring themes is “we need to update our equipment to provide better care.”

You see, the hospitals can function at a financial self-sustaining level in terms of daily operations. What they can’t do is save enough money in order to be able to purchase upgraded equipment to meet the needs of patients.

It might be an ultrasound machine or an X-ray unit that’s failing. Perhaps an autoclave needs replacing because it’s simply worn out. These tools which we take for granted in the west are urgently—urgently—needed for EHA’s units. Can I ask you to visit our “Urgent Needs” page to see exactly which units need what equipment? And if you can, please give, and we’ll ensure that the funds are sent as rapidly to the hospitals as possible.

One question people as is whether used equipment can be shipped from here. The answer is no. Between shipping costs in the US, arranging a container, clearing customs, shipping across India to its destination, adjusting the machine to fit local needs, to say nothing of repairs down the road, it’s much more efficient to purchase equipment in India. It’s available, it’s just more expensive than EHA can often afford.

Thanks for considering the possibility of helping with these specific needs.