Kicked Out of the House

When Kabir found out his father, Mukund, had oral cancer, he kicked him out of his house because he feared the other family members would get cancer too. He wanted nothing to do with him, and refused to provide him food or go near him. Mukund began living alone in the neighbor’s shed with the goats and cow. He was afraid that if others in the village found out he had cancer, they would throw him out of the village as well.

Mukund’s pain became so unbearable, he decided to end his life by taking poison. The next day he went to withdraw money to buy poison, but an EHA staff member, Mr. Raj, who knew him began to talk with him. Mukund poured out his story of pain and isolation and confessed his plan to commit suicide. Immediately Mr. Raj counseled and prayed with him, and then called community health staff to come and help. Mukund was reassured that he would be cared for.

The community team brought Mukund to Duncan Hospital, accompanied by Kabir. When the doctor dressed the infected abscess, Kabir was shocked to see him touch the wound. The palliative care team began to visit Mukund regularly to change his bandages and educate the family, and Kabir decided to allow his father back into the house and to care for him. This turnaround is a great blessing to Mukund and a wonderful example to the community.