From Ignorance to Insight

Pinku was just 19 years old when he began to struggle with hallucinations and delusions of persecution, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was treated with medications, but when he developed cataracts a year later, his family thought that they were caused by the medications, so he stopped taking the prescription. Eleven years went by with Pinku struggling to function.

Then Herbertpur Christian Hospital held a mental health camp, and a volunteer brought Pinku. He was taught about his illness and the need for consistent medications. The staff began to care for him and make sure his treatment was effective. Both his cataracts were removed at the hospital.

Seven years later, Pinku is functioning well, with his eyesight back and his social skills improved, and he has a desire to get back into his profession of tailoring. EHA project staff are helping with this as well, arranging for him to receive a sewing machine so he can begin to work once more. Pinku’s life has been totally turned around by the mental health care he received through EHA, and the ignorance both he and those around him had about mental illness has been turned to insight.