Little Girl Brought Back from Lifelessness

She was only five years old. When Nargiz Farhan arrived at Makunda Christian Hospital, she was seriously ill. She had spent the entire previous night in a seizure with her arms and legs extended, her eyes rolling up in her head, and her teeth grinding. Her parents were very worried and explained she had been coughing for four days and had one swollen cheek and one ear with a discharge. She almost appeared lifeless. During her initial exam, Nargiz had another seizure, and Makunda’s doctors put her on antiepileptics and moved her to the High Dependency Unit.

After the next seizure, Nargiz experienced a cardio-respiratory arrest. The staff revived and intubated her. The next day the nurses noted that Nargiz had muscle spasms, and when a small abrasion was discovered on her forearm, the doctors diagnosed her with meningitis and tetanus. They gave her given tetanus immunoglobulin, and the doctors and nurses prayed for her healing.

Twelve days into her hospital stay, Nargiz’s heartbeat slowed to the point where CPR was needed again. The nurses stayed by her side, and she was soon able to come off the ventilator. But she still was not processing the stimuli around her or responding in any way. On day 22, Nargiz spoke and the nurses cheered. Many sessions of physiotherapy helped Nargiz regain the use of her limbs. On day 28 she was able to flex her knee and sit up.

After a total of 34 days in the hospital, the little girl was able to mostly feed herself and walk with support. She was able to respond to conversation and was released to go home. The doctors and nurses of Makunda were thrilled to see God’s healing hand bring this child back from the brink of death.