COVID-19 Cases Spike in India Again

You can see by the blue circles in the map on the left that COVID-19 is taking off in India again. Thankfully, many of the Omicron cases are less severe, but this will still mean more work for EHA hospital staff.

In January, India is reporting a 7-day average of 310,000 new cases per day. (In December the average was 7,000 per day.) The state of Maharashtra has the highest numbers, and EHA’s Chinchpada Christian Hospital is located there.


The chart on the left shows that levels of COVID-19 cases are approaching the previous all-time high of 390,000 new cases a day in May, 2021.

We covet your prayers for EHA staff across North India as they gear up once again. They are weary but determined to care for everyone who comes through their doors.