Two Goats Feed a Family

Debashish is a 16-year-old young man with cerebral palsy who lives with his parents and sister in a small village in Assam. His father is a retired school teacher, but he receives no pension. His mother does not have a job but is the current president of the local Disabled People’s Organization.

Having no regular source of income, Debashish’s family struggled to meet their needs until the livelihood project staff from Baptist Christian Hospital heard about their situation. The family received 6,000 rupees ($81), and with it they purchased 2 goats. Now Debashish is able to help provide for the family by caring for these goats. With careful tending over time, their goat herd grew to 7, and they were able to sell 2 of the kids.

By investing in families like Debashish’s, EHA is able to provide a way out of poverty for many destitute families in North India. All they need is someone to give them a chance, and often they are able to turn around and provide that help to someone else down the road.