Hospitals Receive Equipment Upgrades

As new COVID-19 cases have slowed down, EHA staff across North India have stopped to catch their breath. Looking back over the severe second wave, they can see significant accomplishments so far in 2021.

In 2020, certain EHA hospitals were designated as COVID-19 facilities, but as India faced the massive increase in cases in 2021, all of EHA’s hospitals were asked by the government to set up COVID-19 wards to help handle all the cases. With little warning, the staff at each hospital scrambled to figure out where to set up a separate area and how to get the equipment they needed. But now, all of EHA’s hospitals have a simple ICU and a general ward area set up for COVID-19 patients.

All in all, EHA facilities have cared for 30,000 patients in their flu clinics that were set up for initial screening of people with possible COVID-19 symptoms. Of those, 2,600 were admitted and treated as inpatients. Many severe cases required care for several weeks.

For a time, the greatest need was oxygen, and many EHA staff drove hours each day to keep the hospitals supplied with full oxygen canisters. But thanks to the generous donations of US supporters and others around the world, EHA has been able to purchase an oxygen generation plant for all but four hospitals. Some of these plants are still being shipped and will take some time to install, but the blessings of having an oxygen generation plant at these locations will continue for many years. Many of the locations have also purchased oxygen concentrators and ventilators.

The current needs include improving electrical systems and infrastructure as this new equipment is installed. Most of EHA’s buildings are 75 to 100 years old, and many have leaks or are literally crumbling. Lakhnadon Christian Hospital will reopen for medical services this month, thanks to new medical staff who have come to work there. This facility especially needs new buildings.