Hope and Health Return to Milana

Milana came to the outpatient department at BMCH just as it was closing. She looked truly miserable, with her distended abdomen, swollen feet, and a complete lack of hope in her eyes.

Dr. Singh, the doctor in charge, thought she might be in the final stages of chronic liver disease. When he talked to Milana, he realized the truth. She had undergone surgery to remove her gallbladder, and her abdomen had begun to swell immediately afterwards. When she went back to her surgeon, he told her she had chronic liver disease and referred her elsewhere.

In reality, the surgeon had nicked her bile duct during surgery, and her abdomen was filled with bile. Dr. Singh was concerned that he did not have the expertise for such a delicate operation, but Milana and her family refused to go elsewhere.

Up all night before the surgery, Dr. Singh wrestled with what he was facing and then committed everything into God’s hands and asked Him to use him as His instrument to save this woman.

During the operation they removed 15 liters of bile from Milana’s abdomen. Drains were placed to ensure continuous elimination. However, the exact site of the bile leak could not be determined. The next two weeks were stressful for both doctor and patient as liquid continued to pour out through the drains. Gradually, she began to improve and was able to eat. Whenever Dr. Singh saw Milana, he told her that the hospital staff were doing their best but that that it was God who was healing her.

After Milana spent three weeks in the hospital, her drains were removed and she was discharged. Tears pouring down her face, Milana explained that she had given up hope of ever getting better. She was incredibly thankful for the loving care of Dr. Singh and the Burrows Memorial staff.