Honor and Appreciation

When we arrived Thursday morning, we were brought to a chapel service (half in English and half in Hindi) with worship singing and a message. This is how they start their day every day. They also sing in the hospital wards for the patients. “Gideon’s books” are available for any who want to take them home. At the end of the service, we were brought up to the front and honored by having flower leis placed around our necks. We were also asked to speak a few words, much to my dismay! At the chapel service, EHA USA Executive Director Robb Hansen spoke on Colossians.

At the end, they introduced and gave flowers to a new doctor who is joining the hospital, Dr. Blessing Solomon. He shared how his personal desire after medical school was to work in southern India where the best jobs are, but after a few months, he knew it wasn’t the right place for him. He had met a man from EHA on the train who told him about the organization, and he felt led to apply. Hoping to get posted  at EHA’s pretty, mountainous location, he instead was hired here at Chhatapur. He submitted himself to where God was leading him and everyone here is thrilled to have him as part of their team as they always need more help. Each of the staff here could work elsewhere at more glamorous, well-paying jobs in more sophisticated facilities, but they choose to work at EHA to serve God and the people who really need their care. It is amazing and humbling to witness firsthand all they do with limited resources. Yesterday, as the honored guests, we were asked to help dedicate a new piece of lab equipment. It is a blood analyzer that will tell the doctors exactly which pathogen the patient is sick with in order to prescribe the right medication. It is the only such machine in the entire district. I’m sure each US hospital has several. We don’t appreciate what we have until we see what others don’t have.