Tiny Infant Survives and Thrives

Eighteen-year-old Bale Hasda arrived at Prem Jyoti Community Hospital in active labor. She had not had any antenatal visits and was only eight months pregnant. She soon delivered a tiny two and a half pound baby boy.

The infant needed significant care, but Bale and her husband were unable to take him to a more advanced center. The couple had no funds to pay for treatment, but the staff at Prem Jyoti jumped in to save this baby anyway.

The baby needed constant oxygen support and IV fluids, since he could not initially feed orally. He also developed severe jaundice and needed phototherapy. The doctors and nurses looked out for this tiny baby continually. So dependent on their care, the infant struggled to thrive.

But by God’s grace, the baby’s condition improved and he began to tolerate feeding. Ounce by ounce, his weight grew. Eventually, the baby was discharged in stable condition, and his parents were overjoyed that the Prem Jyoti staff had been able to save their child.

Prem Jyoti is well known for its maternal services as they deliver over 900 babies each year. They charge only 70 cents for hospital admission, $84 for a delivery, and $168 for a cesarean section. The local people are thankful to have this excellent and financially accessible facility nearby.