Freedom from Slavery and a Chance to Thrive

Pranav, though coming from the lowest caste, seemed to have a bright future. He was advancing steadily through school and received good grades. At 15, he and his family were optimistic about his future. Sadly though, his world was shattered when his mother fell ill. Upon learning of the expensive treatment required, a relative offered good pay if Pranav could come with him to work in a factory in a nearby city. With no other choice, his father sent him to work.

The promise of good money turned out to be false. Pranav worked long hours every day without receiving any pay. After six months, when he finally worked up the courage to ask for his dues, the owner beat him. Though he had fallen ill from the grueling labor, Pranav was still able to escape from this place and return home. As he was recovering, EHA’s community health staff visited his father, a farmer, to provide skills training.

After learning of Pranav’s situation, the community project was able to assist in funding his return to education. His father now makes more money with the new lessons he has learned, and his mother has also recovered from her illness. His family has a bright future because of the tremendous gift of Madhipura Christian Hospital’s community health staff.