Empowering Local Women Entrepreneurs

Often, the neighborhoods that surround EHA hospitals are in need of development. The village of Baloda was one such area near Champa Christian Hospital. With dismal economic prospects and extreme social stratification, the community was in need of support. The hospital staff who work on the community development team recently sought to revive their old projects in the area.

Self-help groups and farmer clubs served as the key organizations in the revitalization process. While these programs helped to improve social health, they also fostered the creation of small businesses. Kashvi and Diya, two women from the town, helped to lead two monthly women’s groups. Meetings usually included talking about strategies for financial management and chatting about life.

In consultation with Champa Christian Hospital’s community development staff, the women decided to put their resources together to start a turmeric spice business. They purchased a pulverizer machine and though their profits are small right now, the extra income is helpful to all the women. Additionally, it provides them a way to give back to their community and enjoy one another’s company.

Thanks to the presence of the hospital staff in the village, these women have grown in their social and financial well-being as a result. This effort alone has not eliminated the many challenges Baloda faces. Though it’s just a small part in a small improvement, this corner of the earth has grown to look a little more like God’s kingdom.