Father of Disabled Girl Gains Influence

The tenor of the conversation on disability in many surrounding villages is being transformed through the hard work of Landour’s Community Development staff. LCH often works to expand their efforts through partnerships. When successful, advocacy via administrative organizations has incredible results. Finding ways to change the culture, these staff were recently able to have an outsized impact.

In the nearby community of Jaunpur, a little girl with a disability, Ramshi, was able to attend the local school along with all other students. Through conversations with teachers at the school, it became clear that disability awareness and advocacy was important at the institution. The school principal was acquainted with Ramshi’s father, Deepak, and made the decision to invite him to sit on the School Management Committee.

Having a daughter with a disability helped Deepak to become aware of students with even greater needs. A thoughtful and kind man, his contributions to the committee have already resulted in revisions to school policies. Thanks to the networking of EHA staff, Deepak has been able to take an expanded role in supporting his little girl’s education and advocating for the needs of all disabled children in the community.