Ararav Healed of Tetanus at Chinchpada

Thanks to vaccinations, the West has virtually eradicated the scourge of tetanus. But due to a lack of resources and accessibility, thousands of Indians remain unvaccinated. At Chinchpada Christian Hospital in rural Maharashtra, many residents remain unprotected from tetanus. Aarav was one such patient. A laborer in the nearby city of Surat, he was brought to Chinchpada after being turned away by several government hospitals. Aarav’s severe malnutrition, alcohol withdrawal, and a festering wound on his big toe provided a challenge for doctors Deepak and Anita Singh.

Dr. Deepak shared his frustration as he considered the situation, “Why in this day and age of technological advancement do we still have a young man with severe tetanus? Why had no one given him a tetanus injection that cost only three cents?” Dr. Deepak also lamented the affects of alcohol abuse and illiteracy on this man’s family. “What kind of a future can his children look forward to? How long will the people in our land continue to live in such depravity?”

Determined to do all that they could to help Aarav, the hospital staff began working to save his life. Once they received the proper medicine from nearby Surat, they began operating on his gangrenous toe. From conducting a tracheostomy to managing regular spasms during his procedure, the work done on Aarav was dangerous. With his parents anxiously awaiting news, the hospital staff were gracious and kind, sharing updates on his condition often.

After a full month of care at Chinchpada Christian Hospital, Aarav was able to walk and was released. He and his family rejoiced at the wonderful care they had received and the love of God they had been shown in their time on the hospital grounds. Because of Dr. Deepak and Anita Singh and their team’s generosity, Aarav was nursed back to health. The work of teams at EHA hospitals helps to build the Kingdom of God.