Nari Niketan Home Gets Help from HCH

Nari Niketan is a government-run state home for destitute women. Most of the 100 residents struggle with a mental disability. In the past, it was not run well, and three years ago, government staff asked Herbertpur Christian Hospital to take over the operation. Now another agency is working with the government to rehabilitate the residents and move them into community-based homes that would each house four or five women. The agency asked for a non-governmental organization to take up the challenge; again, the government staff recommended Herbertpur. It is significant how highly regarded EHA staff are by the government officials.

In this same area, there are no homes for destitute men. A few years ago an injured man was found lying by the side of the road two kilometers away from Herbertpur. Dr. Daniel, then the managing director, personally went and brought him to the hospital. Though they do not have a facility to house people long-term, the hospital staff cared for the man for a year until he died. Recently they found another man wrapped in a quilt lying on the roadside. They brought him to the hospital, cleaned him up, and fed him. He cannot speak properly and is unable to remember anything but his name, Khogu. The hospital staff continue to try to rehabilitate him. Caring for these men who are rejected by society and even their own families shows the love of God in an extremely practical and significant way.