In Loving Memory of Dr. Howard Searle

EHA USA is saddened to announce the death of its founder, Dr. Howard Searle. Dr. Searle passed away quietly around midday on Friday, November 25, 2022, in Rockford, Illinois. His wife, Becky, was at his side. Howard was a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a visionary leader in the medical mission community.

As a young man growing up in Canada, Howard was moved to study medicine with the goal of serving in medical missions and helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in the neglected countries of the developing world.

During his service as a surgeon in India in the early 1970s, Howard, along with other foreign medical missionaries, launched the Emmanuel Hospital Association, a network of six mission hospitals. The organization was quickly transitioned to Indian leadership in 1974 and has since grown to become the largest non-governmental healthcare system in India.

In 1996, with other like-minded former missionary doctors, Howard then launched EHA USA. The organization serves as a means to support the work of EHA in India through building awareness, prayer support, and financial resources. This assistance enables EHA’s staff to more effectively address the health-related needs of poor and marginalized Indians, and in that process, earn the opportunity to share the good news of eternal healing.

Today EHA encompasses 19 hospitals and more than 50 community health and development projects scattered across North India, dedicated to demonstrating God’s love to those in need in the region. In total, EHA touches the lives of approximately 3 million individuals every year.

A word from Dr. Saira Paulose, Executive Director, Emmanuel Hospital Association

Dr. Searle receiving an award in 2016

Dr. Howard and Mrs. Becky Searle

Dr. Searle, Dr. Sunil Gokavi, and Robb Hansen