Update on Prem Sewa Hospital

EHA’s Prem Sewa Hospital was founded in 1966 by the Central India Christian Mission. They began as a small clinic with 12 beds, but today they have 35 beds and a staff of 80, including 7 doctors, 24 nurses, and 7 paramedical staff.

In the course of a year, their outpatient department serves 48,600 patients, and approximately 1,400 are admitted to the inpatient department. Their OB/GYN department is kept busy delivering 400 babies each year.

Many of the hospital buildings are quite old and in need of renovation or replacement. The roof of their outpatient department is falling in, so that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Their equipment is also outdated, making diagnosis and medical care more difficult. They hope to add a new operating room, more staff housing, and solar-power panels to help with their intermittent electrical supply.

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