Saved from Suicide

Rameshwar had given up. Just 28 years old, he became intoxicated and attempted suicide by drinking a pesticide. His loved ones rushed him to Champa Christian Hospital, where he was placed on ventilation because his respiratory muscles were too weak to allow him to breathe. He spent 25 days on the ventilator, during which time he battled pneumonia and other complications. The staff cared for his needs faithfully every step of the way.

Eventually, Rameshwar was able to be weaned off the ventilator. Gently, the staff probed into why he had attempted suicide, and a counselor met with him a number of times to help him work through his difficulties.

After his discharge, the staff continued to care for Rameshwar through the outpatient department, supporting him both physically and emotionally. Rameshwar is now better able to deal with life’s challenges, and he is thankful for the loving care he received at Champa.