Tumor Removal Restores Mobility

Takshil was 40 years old when his legs began to weaken; eventually he became bedridden. Over several months of lying in bed, he developed deep ulcers on both buttocks. Being extremely poor, he could not access healthcare until a friend brought him to Duncan Hospital. After a detailed exam and an MRI on his spine, the doctors shared with Takshil that a large tumor was compressing his spinal cord and the nerve roots.

Takshil and his family were stunned, and they asked the doctors at Duncan to do whatever they could. First, they operated on his bedsores and removed the deep ulcers. After the wounds healed, the surgeons performed surgery on his spine and removed a tumor the size of a sausage. Miraculously, it had not infiltrated his spinal cord but only covered it, so they were able to remove it completely. They were grateful to find that it was a noncancerous growth.

After another recovery period, Takshil went home with two problems solved. When he returns for his two-month checkup and rehabilitation, the doctors expect him to be walking again. What a thrill for both Takshil and the Duncan staff to see his health restored.