From Garbage Picking to Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic

Behind Duncan Hospital lies a large slum. Many families earn a living by picking plastic waste and other scrap out of the garbage and selling it. In March 2022, the staff at Duncan Hospital decided to do something about the children of these families, many of whom use drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes by age five. These kids have no access to education and no hope for their future.



The staff began an informal school in March 2022 with 20 children, planning to teach them English, math, and other basic information. Initially, attendance was very inconsistent, but the one day a week they provided lunch, all the children came. Over time, the students grew more willing to study. Twelve children from the initial class can now read and write three-letter words and do basic math problems. Their parents say the children’s character has improved as well. Currently, the Duncan staff are teaching two classes with a total of 45 children every day. The teachers fervently hope that this effort will bring lifelong changes for these children.