Update on Duncan Hospital

EHA’s Duncan Hospital was started as a clinic in 1930 by two Scottish doctors. Today it is one of EHA’s largest and busiest hospitals, boasting 200 beds and offering many medical specialties.

The outpatient department at Duncan is always busy, caring for about 450 patients a day. The staff deliver at least 3,000 babies each year, and see 200 pregnant mothers each day. They also run a busy surgical department, operating on 2,500 patients a year. Duncan has a nursing school and is in the process of turning it into a college. They also offer a diploma course for lab technicians.

The hospital’s biggest needs include improved/additional staff housing and a new outpatient building. It is not safe for staff members to live in Raxaul outside of the hospital complex. Recently two staff couples who had joined the hospital ended up leaving because the housing was so poor. The outpatient building was constructed in 1960 and a replacement is desperately needed.

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