Loss of Leg Brings New Lease on Life

Eight-year-old Darshana came to Sewa Bhawan Hospital in critical condition. She had a serious infection in her lower-right leg, which had caused septic shock and acute injury to her kidneys. Darshana had been unconscious for a day, and her leg was badly swollen. Contributing to this critical situation, she was malnourished, weighing only 29 pounds when she should have weighed at least 44.

In speaking with the mother, the pediatrician, Dr. Annie, found out that Darshana had four sisters and her father had died about the time that the youngest girl was born. The mother was supporting the family by working in a small shop and doing day labor. When Darshana was born, she had a spinal defect that required immediate surgery, but for financial reasons, she didn’t have the operation until age two, and no follow-up was done. Consequently, Darshana had some paralysis in her legs and couldn’t walk properly.

Darshana was experiencing overwhelming needs, but the medical team prayed and took her in for surgery. Unfortunately, it was necessary to amputate her leg above the knee. Afterwards, she miraculously woke up right away and began speaking.

Darshana is in the hospital for a long stay, with only her older sister to look out for her since her mother needs to care for the three younger girls. The hospital staff are working to improve Darshana’s nutrition levels and are helping her gain some much-needed weight. Eventually, they will fit her with a prosthesis and give her therapy to adjust to it. All of this medical treatment and loving care by the staff is being done at a significantly reduced cost because the mother has little ability to pay. It is the doctors’ desire to all work together for holistic healing to transform this family, who in turn will be an example to others in the community.