The Value of a Girl

~ by Sophia MacLean, Wheaton College Medical Intern at Duncan Hospital

It is impressive how EHA’s community health and development projects are able to practically love the people in nearby villages and work towards social restoration and healing. For example, the Invisible Girls project of Duncan Hospital works against the abuse of young girls. In the traditional culture of Bihar, girl children are less valued than boy children.

Many girls are not enrolled in school and are expected to stay home to do housework. Doctors have told stories of parents refusing medical treatment for their daughter while paying for the care of their son.

The Invisible Girls Project aims to identify young girls who are vulnerable to human trafficking, child labor, or neglect. They rescue these girls and rehabilitate them through counseling and enrollment in school. Currently there are three young girls who were rescued by this project and are now enrolled in Duncan Academy, a school on the hospital’s campus. It is impactful to see these girls’ strength and confidence as they talk about their difficult pasts.