Why Does a Girl Need an Education?

This question is what Rubham and her older sister kept hearing. They live with their grandparents and constantly face discrimination based on their gender. None of their relatives want to help or educate them because they are girls, but their grandfather is happily supporting his grandsons.

One relative said to EHA project staff, “Why does a girl need an education? She is already a burden. We have to feed her and look after her, and this is enough. Girls won’t be profitable for the family in the future since they will go live with their husband’s family.”

So Rubham and her sister were deprived of daily necessities and clothing, and their grandfather was pushing them to earn money by going to a city to find work. This would be a dangerous move, as many children in India get caught in forced labor or prostitution.

When EHA’s community program staff heard about Rubham, they decided to support her education through the Invisible Girls sponsorship program. They are also providing both girls with nutritional support. As the staff work for the welfare of poor and marginalized people, they take all necessary steps to protect them in any way they can.