Finding Peace in the Home

Their home was filled with strife. Husband Mohammed came home every day from pulling a rickshaw in the scorching heat of summer or the freezing winds of winter, always filled with frustration, anger, and stress. He took this out on his wife, Noor Johan, and his daughter, Muslimah. Passersby could hear fighting most nights in their home, and the family’s relationships were in tatters.

Then Noor Johan heard about EHA’s parenting classes and began to attend with Muslimah. Eventually, they talked Mohammed into coming.

There they learned how to understand and show respect to one another, and how to solve conflict. The family took these ideas to heart—and began to sit and eat dinner together while talking about their problems and finding possible solutions. Mohammed is often seen smiling now, and he works hard not to bring his work frustrations home but just to enjoy time with his family.

At first, Muslimah was hesitant to go to the meetings and would hide in the restroom. EHA project staff came and chatted with her to help her feel comfortable joining the meetings. There she came to understand that girls are just as important as boys and have the capability to do something with their lives. She also learned how to be confident, praise others, and be positive about situations. Her relationship with her parents began to improve; now she is happy to be able to share about her life with them.

Muslimah’s older, married sister came to visit for two months, also attended the sessions, and began to learn how family relations could be improved. When she began to apply what she learned with her family back home, her mother-in-law was astonished at the changes. She, too, wanted to learn and apply these principles in her home. So the EHA teaching that began with Noor Johan has now spread to bless multiple families.

Now that Muslimah’s parents have learned the importance of valuing girls and providing them with education, they have sent her back to school. Muslimah is now a confident young achiever who recently passed her exams with flying colors. She is grateful for the parenting classes that transformed her family and helped her come out of her shell and see her personal potential.