New Life for a Daughter

The Parwarish parenting course offered through Landour’s community projects has changed the lives of girls, one family at a time. One daughter shared her story.

“I am Radhika from the village of Tikri. I study in the 8th class and live with my parents, two brothers, and grandmother. In the past, whenever we had any kind of fights among us, every time my brothers’ voices were listened to, but as a daughter I was not listened to. I was neglected and not even allowed to go outside to play, being a girl child.

I want to thank the Garima Project through which the Parwarish parenting course was offered. As a result of both of my parents taking this course, I can see amazing changes and transformation in them. Now my parents choose to listen to me whenever I share with them, and now there is no discrimination between a boy and a girl in our family.

I just want to thank the Parwarish course which has brought about this change in our family.”