A Whole New World

Aftab is a 7-year-old boy who is hard of hearing. His father is a daily worker and his mother is a homemaker in a village, and they worried that Aftab would not be able to go to school and communicate with others in society. Thankfully, he lives near one of EHA’s disability learning centers and was enrolled.

When he began attending, Aftab alternated between crying and running around inside the center. He did not know how to sit still and pay attention. EHA’s learning center staff helped him adjust by having one of his older sisters come in and sit with him. They worked on activities together. This helped him become calm and learn to be part of a group.

Now Aftab is able to sit in a group, learn, and play with other children, which is a great achievement for him. In the beginning, he was not able to communicate with others because of his hearing loss, but now he is learning to sign. This is opening up a whole new world for Aftab as he shares about himself and his family with others. The learning center staff celebrate the little milestones like seeing Aftab learn to sign his name and his family members’ names, helping him identify and write his letters, and watching the development of his interaction with other children.

EHA staff feel it is key to remember that each child is unique, and it is important to work together as teachers and families to help every child reach his or her potential.