A Study in Contrasts

Most of EHA’s hospitals were started in the early to mid 1900s by UK and US mission and church organizations. Since funding is always tight, capital improvements have occurred sporadically. Mostly, they just make do with what they have. But eventually, they have to upgrade or demolish and rebuild entire buildings. Currently, Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital is desperately in need of new construction for their buildings. Most of their hospital wards have deteriorated to the point of being unusable.


In contrast, Herbertpur Christian Hospital completed a massive construction project in the last few years, and their hospital wards are sanitary and functional, as well as bright and cheery. The disparity between the two hospitals is stark.




While in the US a building project like this would cost millions, Herbertpur was able to complete these new buildings including outpatient facilities, operating rooms, patient wards, and laboratories for around a million. Giving dollars go far in India with an organization like EHA.