Prisha Discovers Love in Challenging Times

Recently, Champa Christian Hospital served a patient with a rough background. Prisha is a 22-year-old woman who had already been divorced and had experienced a miscarriage. Shortly after losing her baby and her husband, she ended up in a horrible road accident and her legs were mangled by a large truck. It was in this horrific state that Prisha ended up at Champa, in desperate need of physical and mental care.

Surgeons immediately conducted the necessary surgery, hoping to reconstruct her legs, and allow her to walk again. Though the procedure was a success, her nerve endings and tendons were damaged and she had to continue to stay at the hospital. During her time there, she was unsurprisingly dejected; she had recently lost her husband, her unborn baby and now, she was unsure whether or not she would ever walk again.

Her family spent many long hours by her bedside comforting her. As time went on, they began to attend the morning chapel services that the Champa hospital staff held. They learned of God and the joy that He could bring to their lives and started following Him.

As Prisha continued to recover, her family shared their newfound joy with their precious daughter and sister. Even as her legs continued to heal, her spirits were lifted as she discovered new joy through belief in God. The love of the Champa staff was key in helping her to understand the power of the good news. Though she still was not fully healed physically, the leadership at Champa Christian Hospital was thankful that she and her family learned about God and that they were able to be a support and help in Prisha’s hour of need.