Young Man’s Life and Soul Are Saved

Though not fully equipped for emergency medicine, Sewa Bhawan Hospital sometimes receives patients in critical condition. If the need for medical attention is urgent, some patients have the best hope of surviving if they remain at the hospital. Kabir was one such patient. A 32-year-old breadwinner, he suffered poisoning by breathing in too much insecticide.

Unable to remove him from life support for transport to a larger hospital, the staff decided to keep Kabir in critical care. For 22 days and nights, he fought to hold on to his life. Seeing little improvement, the surgeon performed a tracheostomy. He spent another 25 days in the hospital, slowly regaining strength after the procedure.

Both his father and grandfather stayed by his side day after day, hoping desperately for his recovery. As these two men spent many weeks at the hospital, the staff shared their faith in God with them and they responded positively. As he rested in the hospital, Kabir began to understand the power of God and also put his faith in him, even before he could speak again. Eventually Kabir fully recovered and was able to return to work. His simultaneous physical and spiritual healing is a testimony to the faithfulness of God and his work through the Sewa Bhawan staff.