New Mother Saved in High Dependency Unit

Mrs. Sharda came in with no peripheral pulse and unrecordable blood pressure. She had delivered a healthy baby just three hours earlier in a nearby hospital, but they couldn’t stop her bleeding. She was sent to the government district hospital, but when they couldn’t help either, she was brought into EHA’s Broadwell Christian Hospital.

Thankfully their High Dependency Unit was newly functioning, so the doctors immediately resuscitated and intubated Mrs. Sharda and sent her relatives off to get blood from a nearby blood bank. Her uterus was not contracted at all, so the doctors planned a hysterectomy, but they had to wait two hours for the blood to arrive. The resident gynecologist was out of town, so a junior doctor did the procedure, assisted by an experienced technician.

After the surgery, the staff gave Mrs. Sharda continuous cardiac monitoring, ventilator support, and inotropic infusions to maintain her blood pressure. The doctors waited anxiously for signs that her body was recovering, and they prayed for a miracle. Overnight her blood pressure picked up and her urine output became normal; she regained consciousness. They extubated her and weaned her off the inotropic support 24 hours later. Slowly, Mrs. Sharda recovered from this harrowing experience.

A Broadwell doctor shared this case with a professor of gynecology at CMC Vellore (a top medical school in India), who said it really was a miracle because they had lost many patients in similar situations at CMC. God had blessed the staff of Broadwell Christian Hospital and brought healing to this woman through their heroic efforts.