Healing Blindness One Person at a Time

Imagine a scenario in which just four eye-care centers, located in a backward region in India, are serving a population of 2.6 million. Such is the reality for Utraula in the district of Balrampur, where EHA’s Prem Sewa Hospital is located. Blindness due to cataracts is one of the leading impairments in this area.

Mohammad Siddique, a 110-year-old man, came to Prem Sewa for cataract surgery. He had very advanced cataracts with minimal vision due to negligence by his family and lack of funds. He was operated on along with his daughter-in-law, who was suffering from the same condition.

This case gives us insight into the insufficient healthcare available in the district of Balrampur. According to the District Blindness Control Society, in order to eradicate blindness, 11,000 cataract surgeries would need to be performed annually. This would mean that each of the four eye care centers would have to perform 2,750 surgeries each year. The unfortunate reality is that all four centers combined only do 3,000 surgeries annually, and 1,000 of these are completed at Prem Sewa.

Patients like Mohammad are incredibly thankful for this sight-giving surgery, so Prem Sewa will continue to move ahead, restoring sight to one person at a time.