Canadian Nursing Students Visit HCH

Six Canadian nursing students from Saskatchewan Nursing School and their instructor, Kimberly Thiessen, spent a month at Herbertpur. Having a chance to learn from medical staff in another culture and environment is an invaluable experience for nursing students. They were able to gain knowledge and skills in both hospital care and community health programs as they participated in various activities.


The Herbertpur nursing school’s newest students have begun their education. The freshmen were welcomed to the school with a ceremony. For most of these young people, the opportunity to become a nurse is a pathway out of poverty, not only for them, but for their families as well.

Once they graduate, they have the opportunity to stay on at one of EHA’s hospitals or to seek employment elsewhere, but they are always sought after in the job market due to their excellent training. Seven of EHA’s hospitals now have nursing schools, and over 400 young men and women are currently in training.