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Once every four years a World Congress of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association is held. After 20 years it is back in Europe, and this time they are celebrating half a century of ICMDA in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The congress started with the Students and Junior Graduates' Congress (from July 19 to 22), followed by the Main Congress (from July 22 to 26) and has the theme SERVE SHARE SHINE. During the congress they are focusing on the nature of our identities – both as Christians and as medical professionals, and exploring how these may be integrated.

Our very own Dr. Howard Searle, EHA USA Executive Director, is attending the congress. The following are his thoughts on his time there.

“On Tuesday I arrived in Rotterdam via high-speed train from Amsterdam. I and my wife, Becky, attended the opening meeting where the dedication took place to the enthusiastic applause of approximately 60 nations represented by almost 1,000 delegates.”

“Wednesday morning we began with prayer and worship. A gifted pastor from Cyprus shared meaningfully from Titus 1 about God’s requirements for those who would be used by Him to lead His children, no matter the geographical location or circumstances.”

“After a tea and coffee break, a veteran female medical missionary who served many years in West Africa (and who currently directs the German Institute for Medical Missions) shared with us her perspective on serving Jesus as a medical professional. She also facilitated a moment of silence in memory of the 193 Dutch citizens whose bodies are being returned from the plane crash in the Ukraine, and then led us in prayer for the grieving families.”

“Wednesday evening after dinner they had an international market of small items and foods typical of the many countries represented at the congress.”

“The great privilege for me attending such a congress is the joy of seeing old friends, sometimes after a hiatus of many years, plus the many mixing opportunities to make new friends. I am reminded of how small the world is when meeting folks and realizing we have friends or circumstances in common. As an older, experienced person who has been privileged to observe God in action throughout my life, I often find I have an opportunity to encourage younger medical students, residents, and physicians as they seek to learn God’s direction for their lives.”

“The 15th Congress of the ICMDA concluded on Saturday with a challenging message from a local pastor and great hymns sung by his church choir with some doctors, medical students, residents, and junior doctors from 68 different countries joining in. The music, led by pipe organ and grand piano, was quite a change from the contemporary, band-led praise and worship music experienced during the Congress, but all was offered as sincere praise to our God. The commissioning service was concluded with communion, once again reminding participants of our oneness and our fellowship in Christ as we scatter to return to our diverse responsibilities.”

“It always seems to be a small foretaste of heaven to sing God's praises and also interact in breakout sessions and over meals with committed believers from around the world - literally! Including China!”

“Becky and I were also impressed with the openness of the young doctors and medical students from a wide array of backgrounds. We had numerous enjoyable opportunities to interact, to share something of God's faithfulness in our lives, and then to encourage and reassure them that they are special to the Lord Jesus and are loved by Him, and He will lead them one step at a time as they entrust their lives and gifts to Him for His work through them. I shared several promises from God's Word which have been very helpful to me: Ps. 16:11, Ps. 32:8, Prov. 3:5, 6. We covenanted with several to pray with them on an ongoing basis and to keep in touch.”

“For me in particular, it was a joy and privilege to meet and observe EHA leaders and alumni taking active roles on the international Christian medical stage. This included Dr. Vinod Shah, the Chair of EHA's Board and one of our EHA USA Board members, who is also the current CEO and the first 'non-western' leader of the ICMDA; Dr. Santhosh Mathew, EHA's Executive Director, and Dr. Anil Cherian, who is implementing ICMDA's innovative Institute of Health Sciences to train medical officers to address the abysmal health situation and to become health leaders in the strife-torn South Sudan. It's great to see God working through these men and women who have chosen to make available to God themselves and their abilities and then experience the joys and sorrows, the frustrations and victories as they see God accomplishing His work in and through their lives. What joy to observe the foregoing in the context of EHA celebrating in July 2014, 40 years of ministry under Indian missionary leadership.”

Emmanuel Hospital Association

One of the critical issues in the world today is meeting the growing need for quality medical care among the poor. The Emmanuel Hospital Association of India helps to address this need.

Launched out of a group of western-run mission hospitals in the late 1960s, today EHA is the largest private healthcare network in India . Through a system of 21 hospitals and more than 30 community health and development projects, located in underserved areas of rural North India, EHA helps to bring health and medical care to more than 600,000 Indians per year, the vast majority from among the poorest classes of society.

Many of those served have no access to such medical care other than through  EHA facilities. In a country where 1 in 4 families live below the poverty line, the needs are tremendous. In fact, they are beyond description.

2012-2013 EHA Annual Report
Check out EHA's new annual report! This 74-page volume loaded with facts, figures, and photos will give you an excellent overview of the work. You can request your copy by contacting us or feel free to download the PDF from the website. Just right-click on the link.

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This website serves the single purpose of promoting the needs of medical ministry in India and challenging those with a burden to get involved.

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EHA has a critical need for short-term assistance to support the work of Indian physicians. At times the case load exceeds the capacity of their surgeons.  More often, vacations must be curtailed because when the surgeon is away services must be cut back. New Family Practice Residency programs need experienced FP instructors. If you are interested in finding out about short term (two weeks to four weeks) or longer term ministry opportunities in India , please contact the EHA office.  

Opportunities exist for nurses with BSN/MSN and teaching experience to assist in EHA's nurses' training programs. These openings for service would last from one month to one year, or more. Certain challenges exist due to language barriers but trained professionals willing to serve should contact EHA. 

EHA in the United States is a grass
-roots effort with no paid staff. We are in need of volunteers who catch a passion for the ministry and are willing to represent us in local churches in their area. Materials such as brochures and Power Point presentations are available to assist your efforts. If supporting EHA in this way is attractive to you, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Ongoing support needs in a wide variety of areas exist. 
Ninety cents of every dollar raised in the United States goes to help the Indian hospitals serve more patients, many of whom would never have access to medical care in other ways. For detailed information on projects and locations, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are also happy to supply copies of audited financial statements for your review.

Our goal for the work in India is simple: build awareness, prayer and financial support for EHA, enabling their staff to more effectively address the health-related needs of Indian villagers, and in that process, earn the opportunity to share the good news of eternal healing.


September 1, 2014

r. Mark Kniss Passes Away
Dr. Mark Kniss, who contributed significantly in the early years of EHA, passed away on June 10, 2014. His legacy with EHA goes back to 1960, when he started a clinic in India that became Nav Jivan Hospital, which was a 60-bed facility by the time he left in 1973.

Dr. Kniss was instrumental, along with others, in the development of EHA in India when several doctors requested a Christian organization to handle the management of their hospitals.
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July 29, 2014

Doctor Reminisces About Furthering the Kingdom
Dr. Howard Searle, a retired surgeon living in the Chicago area, helped found EHA in India more than 40 years ago and now serves as volunteer Executive Director of the organization's US operations. Read on for a Q&A to learn more of his story.

July 2, 2014

EHA India to Host Engage Disability Conference
EHA is sponsoring an "Engage Disability" conference in Delhi from September 25 to 27, 2014, with the purpose of coming together to strengthen the Christian response to disability in India. They are hoping to bring together 500 people -- everyone from disability workers, church leaders, people with disabilities, educators, and business leaders -- to discuss the best ways to help those with disabilities. Please pray for their preparation for this event. Click here to learn more.

May 29,2014

INMED Conference provides roadmap to medical missions
An important step on the road to serving in medical missions with EHA and other organizations is the annual INMED conference in Kansas City. Click here to learn more.

May 28,2014

Dr. Ann Thyle presents EHA's work to US partners.
Senior consultatnt and veteran medical missionary Dr. Ann Thyle presented an overview of EHA's work among the poor and marginalized at recent events in Chicago and Philadelphia.

February 1, 2014

EHA Central Office Loses One of Its Own
Tragedy struck at EHA's central office this week in the form of a car accident. Fifteen-year employee Trinath, his wife Louisa, and their daughter Jennifer were returning from his father's funeral when another vehicle hit them, causing their car to roll multiple times. Both Trinath and Louisa died at the scene. Jenny and the other occupants were taken to a hospital and have since recovered.

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